Casino Verification and Why Users Must Pass It

Most online casinos require verification (proof of identity) the first time you deposit money into your account. PlayAmo Canada and other trustworthy casinos conduct such a procedure to protect gamblers from suspicious visitors and make this activity not simply pleasant but also secure for everyone who enters the platform.

Players often have a negative reaction: some are sorry for the time spent, and some do not want to share their personal data with outsiders.

In most cases it is necessary to send a scan or photo of your passport to verify it. Sometimes they may ask for a scan of the registration card or a photo of the bank card. The latter requirement most frightens newcomers to the world of gambling.

How to verify an account in the casino, what you should not do, so as not to lose your account, and why should not be afraid of verification?

Why You Need Verification in Casinos

There are two important reasons why online casinos require verification:

  • Ensuring that the customer is legally allowed to gamble (he or she is at least 18 years old).
  • To ensure that consumers are protected from fraudulent use of any bank cards, bank accounts and/or other payment methods.

How to Pass Verification 


Of course, before you register at an online casino, you should read the rules and conditions of the virtual . Each game site has a set of rules that should not be violated when withdrawing winnings. Many newcomers make mistakes at the first stages when filling out a profile, which negatively affects further verification in the club.

The first and most important rule of successful verification is the absence of duplicate gaming accounts. It is forbidden to have several accounts at any online casino. It is equally important to fill your personal profile with real data. Enter personal information carefully and without mistakes.

To find out how to pass the verification in the casino, go to the section of the conditions and rules of the gambling website. You can also get information about verification from technical support.

Depending on the online casino, different documents will be required. The administration of the platform may request:

  • A scan or photo of a passport in good quality (including the residence registration page).
  • A copy of a driver’s license (as an analogue of a passport).
  • A scan or photo of the bank card, from which the deposit was made.
  • A screenshot of the payment system screen, from which the account was deposited.

The above documents are the norm and standard for confirming an online casino account. Many novice players are wary of sending a photo of a bank card. But reliable online casinos do not require the data needed to withdraw money – the CVV code on the back can be hidden.

Is It Dangerous to Send Your Details to Online Casinos

At licensed online casinos, personal information about players is stored on secure servers. Personal information is stored securely and leaks are prevented.

Often such gambling clubs distribute confidential data of players for personal purposes. So carefully choose a casino to play – read the rules, ask questions, and read reviews from real players.

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